NC graduation projects delayed

RALEIGH It will mean the thesis like projects will be put off a year and will now apply to students who first entered ninth grade in 2007-08 (Class of 2010-11).

The board said the delay is to give communities more time to prepare for implementation.

The change came as a bill was making its way through the Legislature that would scrap the thesis-like projects.

Opponents of the school work call them an unfunded mandate and prompt some students who don't think they can do them to drop out. The requirement requires seniors to produce a paper and give a presentation before they can collect their diploma.

The work has to be done anytime during a student's high school career. Students don't get a letter grade, but must get a "satisfactory" or "exemplary" status for each project component.

While some critics and students don't like it, supporters say it teaches many of the skills students will need when they get to college like time management and meeting deadlines.

Critics hadn't gotten much support in the Legislature until the economy tanked. Now, some lawmakers say requiring schools to manage the projects means more work and more money spent that's not reimbursed by the state.

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