Troubleshooter: Death Certificate Problem

DURHAM "I went to get his social security card and I realized it was off by one number," she recalled.

Her father's death certificate, which was prepared by Fisher's Funeral Parlor in Durham, did not have the correct Social Security number of his death certificate. She says the Social Security Administration said her mother would not be able to collect on her husband's benefits until this was corrected.

So Mater called Fisher Funeral Parlor in Durham, as the funeral director needed to correct it.

"He did not respond, and I then called a couple days later and he didn't respond. I have known this man since I was a child. I could not understand why he would not respond," she said.

So Mater decided to e-mail Troubleshooter Diane Wilson. Wilson got in touch with the funeral director and within a day Mater says she got a call from him, and a hand delivered corrected death certificate was delivered to Mater's door.

Now she has the proper documents to take to the Social Security Administration and tie up the loose ends.

The funeral director of Fisher Funeral Parlor did tell Troubleshooter Diane Wilson he would take care of whatever needed to be taken care of, which he did follow through on.

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