Durham cuts summer school

DURHAM The district will only allow some seniors who need credits to graduate to take summer school classes this year.

School officials say the economy is partly to blame, and they hope to better use resources during the school year to help students achieve their goals.

Last year, all high school students were allowed to take summer classes if they failed a class or needed to retake a course. This year, seniors who need credits to graduate will be able to retake up to two classes.

Instruction will only be offered at the District's Performance Learning Center in the basement of the Northgate Mall. Bus transportation will be provided for students who need it.

The situation is frustrating for some students.

"Everybody is not the same. There's some smart people. There's some people that's smart but they don't know how to write very fast. Sometimes that affects their grades and I think they really need summer school to make up," offered student Kevin Thompson.

Others say they're feeling more pressure knowing that they won't keep up with other students in their grade if they don't pass.

"Right now, I'm trying to work harder to bring my grades up so I won't have to go," said Jeremy Riddick.

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