Student allegedly made threats on Facebook

WAKE COUNTY The accusations come from comments 17-year-old Ahn Nguyen allegedly made on his Facebook web page.

Click here to read the search warrants in the case (.pdf)

According to search warrants in the case, the whole thing started when the teen brought a video to school of a beheading and showed it to other students.

Another student reportedly made the comment that Nguyen made them uncomfortable and compared him to the Virginia Tech shooter. Nguyen reportedly heard the comment and then posted a video of himself making threats to the student on his Facebook page.

According to the warrants, Nguyen said "he was crazy and that he would kill the victim."

Police arrested Nguyen and charged him with communication of threats and cyberstalking. They searched his home and took cameras, computers, memory devices and a cell phone. No weapons were seized according to the list in the warrants.

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