Brush fire scare in Clayton

JOHNSTON COUNTY Authorities say a small woods fire grew quickly, burning 35 to 40 acres of land on Conner Drive off Lee Road late Saturday afternoon.

The fire caused officials to shut down a major highway and prompt evacuations.

Emergency Management officials in Johnston County urged residents living in 20 homes along Conner Drive to leave their homes and were prepared to setup shelters.

"There was flames right behind my house, all up against the woods," eyewitness Johnathan Peele said. "There were flames all back there and the pine trees over there, they caught on fire too. But they got it under control, there's still smoke back there though."

But it didn't take long for several fire departments to control and extinguish the flames, allowing people to return to their homes.

No one was injured and no homes were burned. Fire investigators are trying to determine the exact source of the fire.

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