Group to build injured solder a home

FAYETTEVILLE At a small celebration Tuesday night, a group that builds homes for wounded soldiers started their latest project for former 82nd Airborne soldier Sgt. Maurice Craft.

"I'm feeling pretty happy about the project, you know I got my hopes up and I can't wait for it to take place," Craft said.

Craft has traveled a long road to recovery, still getting around he says is a struggle especially at home.

"Such things as getting out of the shower, I have a lot of pain from my amputated leg and I can't use the wheelchair and I can't get through the doors," Craft said.

Craft lost one leg and part of another in a bomb blast in Iraq in 2003. As he recovers, he is also raising two young daughters as a single parent.

"He is a great dad and he is really special to me and I love him with all my heart," 9-year-old Andriceia Craft said. "Sometimes I open the door for him and shut it for him and sometimes I take his clothes to his room."

Tuesday night, Craft and his family listened to plans for their new home, built and paid for by a group called Homes for Our Troops.

"Their housing and living conditions are not conducive with their new 'normal' as we call it," said Larry Gill with Homes for Our Troops said. "We step up to the plate and give them a new means to get around as well as you and I."

The group built a home last year for a wounded soldier in Robeson County. It's one of over 40 barrier free homes built across the country.

"We are doing more than just building homes we are renewing these folks sense of independence," Gill said.

Gill says the project will take eight months and rely on a brigade of volunteers.

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