Small protest near UNC chancellor's office

CHAPEL HILL People around the world have seen the video of UNC police clashing with protestors last weeks. The two sides pushed and shoved each other, while officer were seen spraying their pepper spray in the air and firing their tasers.

Protestors even broke a window.

During that skirmish surrounding the interrupted talk by former congressman Tom Tancredo, only one person, a student, was arrested.

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Then this week, more signs and more protests as former Virginia representative Virgil Goode spoke on campus.

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"If you persist in behavior that disrupts this program the DPS officers will be asked to remove you from the premises," said Winston Crisp, UNC vice chancellor.

And police did just that Wednesday night. Six people, who were first thought to be students, were arrested. As it turns out, those protestors are not students or UNC employees, according to the university.

One of the protestors could be heard telling an officer, "You don't have to manhandle me."

Friday afternoon, a so-called "Defense Committee" for the protestors staged a rally, decrying the officers' actions.

"What is not coming out in most of the stories is that the protestors' free speech was infringed upon and in a violent manner," offered UNC student Carlyn Cowen.

The protestors want an independent investigation into what happened.

Chancellor Holden Thorp has been public in his support of the officers' actions in both cases. He and some students agree the protestors were out of line.

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