Moms clubs hold secret to success

RALEIGH Forget the golf course for business deals, these days the hottest way to network and improve your bottom line is to join a moms club.

"It's a great group of women," said Heather Baxt, Stroller Fit member.

She and other moms are a part of Stroller Fit of Raleigh -- a thriving business during the recession.

"[It's] very popular and it does keep growing," said Aubry Miller, Stroller Fit instructor. "A lot of the times were running doing calisthenics."

Roller Fit of Raleigh is in demand. The group and meets seven times a week for moms to exercise with their babies. And while exercise is the goal, it's not the only benefit.

"The beauty about this particular group, Stroller Fit, is I'm killing a lot of birds with one stone," mom Lane Kaplan said.

Kem Thombs said when she joined the group; it helped her start her own business. She sells Lia Sophia Jewelry.

"It's a direct sales [business] where we come out and do home shows with fashion jewelry," Thombs explained. "I've been doing it for about two years so I started out here by myself. I now have a team of 24 so it's a huge business."

Her home based business is booming during the economic slowdown.

Thombs said the business is expanding in North Carolina and her moms group is the secret weapon. "Because they were the few moms, few women I knew, that I could count on to host parties for me when I started," she said. "So [through] this group, I was able to network to two years later. I'm still doing shows every single week."

Thombs said because of her hard work she just earned a trip to Jamaica the Grand Cayman Islands.

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