Pollen brings suffering

RALEIGH People are exercising outdoors and kids are playing, but pollen is all over everything and it's causing a real problem.

The long winter and the lack of rain are to blame.

"I've been sneezing and eyes watering - the typical symptoms," said sufferer Ann Tharrington.

A windy work week ending with another dry weekend ahead makes it a bad time for allergy sufferers to brave the outdoors.

"We know bad times to come out is when it's been windy for a few days that really circulates the pollen that is out there," offered Dr. Kyne Wang with Regional Pediatrics.

That pollen is taking a toll on patients. Doctor's offices and ERs are packed. It's been a busy season.

"Allergies go along with asthma so we've been seeing more asthma as well and more skin problems," said Wang.

Doctors say take it seriously - especially if your children's eyes swell or they have trouble breathing. But they say if it's just sniffles, don't keep them indoors all day.

"The question is how much does it really affect them because you don't want to be cooped up indoors all springtime or summer as well. So if they can be outside and have their symptoms be safety controlled by this medicine then I would say be as active," said Wang.

And while parents acknowledge allergy season is worse this year than last, they're still going to soak in just a little bit of springtime.

"It's beautiful. This is my favorite time, even with the sneezing and the drippy, this is my favorite time," said Tharrington.

Doctors say try to keep the pollen off your clothes and shower and change when you come in for the day. Wash your hands and remember pets bring pollen indoors too, so keep them off bed linens.

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