Fmr. Johnston officials face accusations

SMITHFIELD Lawyers Chad Lee and Lee Hatch went before Judge Henry Hight first at the hearing.

Also in court were former deputy clerk of court Portia Snead, former Johnston County prosecutor Cindy Jeagar, attorneys Jack McLamb and Van Sauls. All of them are accused of helping drunken drivers get illegal dismissals.

Jaegar's lawyers called the hearing an administrative procedure and issued an informal plea for their client.

"An informal plea of 'not guilty,' and they declared them exceptional cases, which takes it out of the administrative case load," said David Freidman, Jaeger's attorney. "And this case will be set sometime in the future, before Judge Hight"

Also Monday, a grand jury indicted Jaeger on 81 misdemeanor counts of failure to perform duty of office. She's expected to turn herself in on those charges Tuesday.

In Monday's hearing, the judge did not set a court date and the defendants tried to avoid reporters and cameras as they left the Johnston County courthouse.

Now, defense lawyers will a chance to scrutinize the discovery documents they got from the Attorney General's office.

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