Students turned away from their prom

FAYETTEVILLE Prom night is supposed to be a night to remember, but for several Jack Britt High School students it was a night they'll never forget for all the wrong reasons.

"It's not really fair to other kids that came out, dressed out and all of a sudden they can't come in," student Sergio Davis said.

Davis is one of at least seven students who were turned away Saturday night at Jack Britt's prom. And his mother, Dee Sutton, says she is upset after shelling out money for prom expenses.

"I spent roughly $450 to get him all dressed up and ready to go to the prom."

Jack Britt's Student Body President Tyler Underwood was also in his tux ready to go and turned away at the door. Some students may get a refund on class dues which pay for the prom, but Underwood says the money isn't the issue.

"You can give me back all the money that I spent but you can't give me back my Senior Prom," Underwood said. "That's my biggest thing that I can't get back one of the biggest memories that I'm suppose to have from high school."

The prom was held inside the school's Atrium and nearly 700 students attended. The problem centers around a form that was supposed to be turned in and a list students were supposed to check.

The principal says the list is necessary to make sure students are eligible to attend.

"Students have to pay their junior dues. Again the junior dues pay for the prom," Jack Britt Principal Conrad Lopes said. "And then of course the students could not have been suspended during the week of the prom or they could not have been long term. And they have to be a junior or senior."

Lopes says he regrets that some students weren't allowed to attend the prom and vows to fix the problem so it doesn't happen next year.

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