No justice for unborn victims

RALEIGH That's why one group is speaking out - urging state lawmakers to do something about it.

"If you were in my place and your grandchild was murdered you would want justice for him or her too," offered Effie Steele.

Steele says she's still waiting for her pregnant daughter's killer to be charged in the death of her unborn grandson.

"I felt betrayed and robbed when the murderer of Ebony and Elijah was not charged with double homicide and was not made to pay for the life of my grandson," she explained.

Activists like Steele are pushing for a law to protect unborn victims of violence. 35 states nationwide have a similar law on the books, but in North Carolina, supporters say some top lawmakers won't allow the bill to be heard.

"If you really dig down deep, it's all about the fight about abortion," offered Kevin Blaine.

Blaine's daughter Jenna was 8 1/2 months pregnant when she was stabbed to death in Raleigh.

The bill's staunchest critics say they're concerned about its impact on abortion law - a woman's right to choose.

"Our daughters had a choice. That was choice was taken away from them, so the people that are for pro-choice should be so angry as I am that that choice was taken away," said Blaine.

Supporters say they're launching an aggressive campaign and urging the public to weigh in.

"80 percent of North Carolinians support this bill. It's time the senior legislators of the House and Senate at least allow a vote on the house floor," said Jeff Gerber with the group Justice for All.

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