Concerns swirl around Spring Lake takeover

SPRING LAKE Residents voiced their concerns at a town meeting Monday about the police department being taken over by the Cumberland County Sheriff last week. They say they are worry the department won't respond quickly.

"We're concerned about our safety and we wanted to know from the mayor and the board of alderman where do we go from here to restore our safety," resident Deborah Hudson said.

But citizens say they didn't get the answers they came for and the board didn't discuss the topic other than to say they are moving forward cautiously.

After the meeting, the mayor avoided direct questions about the direction the board is moving in.

"It's not time to discuss it publicly," Spring Lake Mayor Ethel Clark said.

But, residents say it's going to take a lot to restore the towns trust and image.

"It's going to take you people the fine citizens of spring lake and the grace of God to build out town back where it will be respected and appreciated by the community," former Spring Lake Chief of Police Jim Welch said.

The board also met behind closed doors, and it is not known if they discussed the department's situation.

But the mayor does say they are moving forward with the search for a new police chief.

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