Perdue sinking in polls

RALEIGH A new survey from the Democratic leaning Public Policy Polling finds 51 percent of voters disapprove of her job performance.

Just 34 percent approved.

In March, Governor Perdue's approval rating was 44 percent, with just 35 percent disapproving. When asked about the numbers Wednesday, the Governor said she has to do what's good for the state.

"I don't give a lot of worry or thought to polls. I am the governor of the greatest state in American in the most challenging time this state has ever faced. I have just furloughed state employees and teachers. I'm facing a five billion dollar deficit and I will pay the bills," she said.

Pollsters found the pay cut for teachers and state employees has a lot to do with Perdue's decline. 53 percent of voters said they opposed the move.

And as one might expect, teachers and state employees have turned against her. While both groups gave her strong support during her campaign, on 29 percent of teachers and 36 percent of other state employees now say that they approve of her job performance.

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