911 tapes released in teen crash

RALEIGH Police have said that a group of teens went to the high school last Friday to play a prank. They moved a sailboat up against the school's cafeteria doors and then jumped into a pickup truck to leave.

Investigators say the driver of the truck - 18-year-old Alec Esoda of Raleigh - backed up at high speed and then attempted to make a "J-turn" - to swing the front end around - but ended up overturning the vehicle at intersection of O'Neal and Leesville roads, which is next to the high school.

All the teen passengers sitting in the bed of the truck were thrown out. Ian Bunn, 17, was trapped underneath.

The first 911 tape released Monday is someone calling from the emergency room at Rex Hospital. The man tells the 911 operator that Bunn's friends brought him in for treatment.

"He's claiming that the driver of the vehicle that they were with flipped his vehicle somewhere near Leesville High School and took off running," the man tells the operator.

Monday, Bunn was listed in critical condition with head injuries.

A second call is from a woman who says her husband and son are at the crash scene. She tells the 911 operator that nobody is hurt.

"We flipped our car. There's no accident involved as far as anybody being hurt. We called AAA to send somebody out to flip it back to get it back on the road and they said this is a police matter," says the caller.

The woman tells the operator that she is on her way to the scene and will meet officers there.

Police have charged Esoda with reckless driving and cited him with provisional DWI, which is a DWI for a person under the age of 21.

Esoda is scheduled to appear in court July 31.

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