Durham discusses budget cuts

June 2, 2009 4:18:43 AM PDT
The City of Durham held a public hearing Monday evening to give residents a chance to express their concerns.Many residents say they are upset about proposed budget cuts that will trim millions in spending.

The budget cutbacks would also get rid of more than 100 full-time positions, but some of those are currently empty.

One girl at the meeting told leaders that her father is one of those workers about to lose his job.

"I also thought about losing our house, or not having our van to ride in anymore," Hannah Davis said. "My dad's job helps us go to the dentist and doctors appointments. My mom also goes to extra appointments because we're expecting a new baby sister in September."

Officials say more than 30 people are currently in the Davis' situation.

The council is slated to adopt a final budget on June 15.