Students sent home with flu symptoms

PERSON COUNTY Person County school officials sent home 13 students with flu symptoms on Monday after four students were confirmed to have "Type A" flu.

The students all attend South Elementary School. Officials say because the occurrence of flu during this time of year is rare, the Health Department says they are treating the symptoms as H1N1 flu.

Officials say there were 48 students absence on Monday not including the 13 students that were sent home with symptoms.

School officials say they were notified Sunday afternoon that four students from the school were treated for flu-like symptoms at Person Memorial Hospital over the weekend and sent home.

Medical officials advised school personnel to be aware of any flu-like symptoms among students or staff. As students arrived at school Monday morning, staff recognized flu-like symptoms and the students were sent home immediately.

Three nurses and staff from Student Services were at the school checking students' temperatures, putting masks on students who are exhibiting symptoms and calling parents.

Officials say custodial crews sanitized the campus after school hours.

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