Police release 911 tapes in Baughn murder

SOUTHERN PINES, NC During the call, Randy Baughn tells the operator his wife is dead and she was accidentally shot in the head.

When authorities arrived at the couple's home on May 24, they found 36-year-old Abigail Alexander Baughn dead.

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"Have you been shot?" the operator asked Baughn.

He replied, "No. My wife has been shot. She was moving my .357 and it went off on her."

When the operator asked Baughn if he wanted to perform CPR on his wife, he said no.

"There's no CPR, she's dead sir," Baughn told the operator.

He also told the operator the shooting was an accident and that Abigail was giving him the gun when it went off.

Abigail Baughn was an assistant principal at Pinecrest High School in Southern Pines.

Randy Baughn is charged with her murder.

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