Troubleshooter: Charged for free offer

OXFORD Embarq was offering a deal chip couldn't pass up. He says, "They were offering a 12 month, one year free Dish Network. My parents were moving in with us, 86 and 83-year-old mom and dad, and I thought what a wonderful thing for them."

With a year free offer, chip bundled his Embarq long distance, toll free number, internet, and added the satellite TV.

But when his first bill came he says, "On my bill, instead of there being a credit for the Dish Network they charged me. I contacted them and said 'This is on here, can we remedy it?' and they assured me they would take care of it immediately."

But for more than 6 months, the charge for the satellite TV continued.

Via e-mail, Chip did get confirmation from an Embarq rep that the charges were an error and would be corrected.

He adds, "They said, you know, 'You're correct you are set up under the promotional package, you shouldn't be billed for this we'll make sure you get credit and there won't be any problems."

But no credit, instead Chip tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "Because the past due charges had accrued and they were so large, one day we woke up and our long distance service didn't work. At that point I had to get a little bit more aggressive, and start making some phone calls. I contacted you to tell you, if you can help me out, you are great."

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson got in touch with Embarq and chip got good news.

He was due the full promotion; his account was credited for the free year of satellite TV.

He says to Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "There again, I gotta give the credit to you, because that one phone call from you, just, you know, prodded them to finally resolve something that had taken a long time to get resolved."

A rep for Embarq says they honored the complete promotion and removed all late fees/restoral fees and other billing errors that needed to be corrected. Chip also thanks Embarq for admitting the mistake and doing the right thing.

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