Future of ConAgra employees?

GARNER Workers say they are still taking in what happened at the Slim Jim plant on Tuesday.

Malu Basun-Gila tells Eyewitness News she was knocked to the ground when the explosion went off at the ConAgra plant.

"Boom, then something fell on my head and I fell down," she said. "A lot of people were hurt, a lot were crying."

Basun-Gila had to have six stitches on her head and her leg was sliced open.

As she recovers, she met with several different agencies, including the ATF, OSHA and the Department of Labor Saturday to help investigators piece together the events leading up to the collapse.

But many workers say they have their own questions, starting with what's next for the plant and their jobs.

Garner Mayor Williams says he is optimistic, saying town leaders have already met with ConAgra officials about building permits.

"They've been a longtime corporate citizen providing jobs and income and benefits to the town," he said. "I've been reassured from the corporate people, that rebuilding is going to take place."

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