911 calls tell the tale of explosion

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More than a dozen of those calls were released to the media Monday.

"We've had an explosion and a collapse and we need all the people you can send," the first caller tells the 911 operator.

The calls show the panic and confusion as stunned survivors tried to find their way out of the wreckage.

"Oh my God. This is horrible. Michelle we do not need to go in that direction. (someone talking in background) I know but, honey, that's where the problem is - right in there. I'm not going over there," says another caller.

911 operators quickly tried to get a sense of the magnitude of the accident.

"Are you with any of the injured patients?" asked an operator.

"There are some out here. They have burns. We have burn victims, um, concussion victims. We have - I'm telling ya you need to send everybody you got," a caller replied.

In all, three people died in the explosion at the plant on Jones Sausage Road. It's been blamed on a natural gas leak. Dozens more were injured.

Garner Mayor Ronnie Williams is inviting the public to join him along with Garner police, EMS and ConAgra plant officials for a moment of silence to remember the victims.It will take place Tuesday morning at 11:15 at Lake Benson Park in Garner.

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