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RALEIGH Small business owner Janet Mobley spent a few moments on the web at to find out what she was going to eat for the week.

Mobley signed up for E-Mealz about a month ago, when she decided it was time to get a handle on what's for dinner.

"It was more of a struggle of coming home and searching through the pantry and wandering around for 30 minutes, do I have this, do I have that," Mobley said.

E-Mealz eliminated the questions and extra time needed to plan meals.

For a $5 a month fee, she gained access to their weekly online meal plans and corresponding grocery lists.

"Once you sign up for the service, it takes like five minutes to get ready to go to the grocery store," Mobley said.

Each meal plan is based on current sales at the grocery stores. The grocery lists group items by aisle to minimize shopping time.

"There are four or five ingredients," Mobley said. "They're really easy to make. It's not French cooking. It's not 17 pots. It's not stuff you can't find in any grocery store."

Mobley said overall each meal was pretty tasty. She said she was even surprised by how one dish turned out.

"There was a white bean chili, probably wouldn't make that but I made it in the crock pot and it was easy to make and it was good," Mobley said.

Besides eating better and saving on time, Mobley said E-Mealz saved her money.

"If I had to guess, I'm knocking between $30 and $45 off my weekly food bill," Mobley said.

Another super saving bonus, Mobley said since her meals were planned out, she no longer ordered take out or went out to eat as much.

For more information on how E-Mealz visit

E-Mealz has several weekly meal plans, including low-fat, low carb, vegetarian and many others.

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