Volunteers spend vacation helping

DURHAM They are World Changers - young volunteers who have come to the city to do good deeds and share their faith. The house Tuesday was one of 23 similar projects going on this week in the Bull City.

"They want to serve the community. They know that there's people in need especially right now in these terrible economic times," explained volunteer Amy Cate.

World Changers is an annual Baptist mission project consisting of middle, high school, and college students from seven states. Each paid $260 for the "privilege" of serving others.

"We came out here to evangelize people, help their houses, all in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ," said volunteer Daniel Tucker.

The workers repair roofs, paint, and more - all at no charge. Nearly 300 World Changers are in Durham this summer. For many, it's their first time doing anything like it.

"It amazes me that these young people will take this time out of their summer, come and work for somebody they've never met, chances are will never see again, and they pay to do it," offered crew chief Mike Arnold.

Homeowners couldn't be happier.

"Well, they're God sent people, and I just appreciate it, I really do, they're just great," said homeowner Dora Burnette.

The feeling is mutual.

"You know, she gives us coolers full of water and stuff. She says we're a blessing, but she's a blessing, too," said volunteer Jessee Floyd.

For more about the World Changers, go to their website: www.world-changers.net

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