Your Money: Furniture deals

CARY Consigning Design -a consignment furniture and accessories store on E. Chatham Street- features a wide array of products including brands from Thomasville, Bassett and Pottery Barn.

The store's owner, Sandy West, said prices are typically 25 to 50 percent of the retail price.

"It's with some critiquing that we get the nice pieces," West said. "The higher end names, the Henredon, the Thomasville, is anything that has a recognizable name where the purchaser knows it is a quality piece."

West said the first step customers could do to find out if they had a hidden treasure in their house was to make an appointment. She said the store usually contacts customers within two or three days.

If the item was a big piece of furniture, the store suggested customers could take pictures and show it to one of the store's employees.

"We request people send us photos of what they have so we know how much space to allow for it and to see if we think it will sell," West said.

She said depending on the price of a piece, some things stay in the store for up to 60 days. After 60 days, the price of the item would be reduced.

The seller would receive 50 percent of the sale. West said the store pays customers by check or they open up an account and use the credit to buy items from the store.

In addition to furniture, Consigning Design also resells artwork, lamps, rugs, bedding, and men's and women's clothing.

To contact Consigning Design call (919)233-7444 or visit their Web site at

The store is located at 521 E Chatham Street in Cary.

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