Woman stabbed in parking lot

DURHAM Officers said they responded to a stabbing call at 5:41 a.m. Friday at 1315 Morreene Road. Upon their arrival, they found a female stabbed with a pair of scissors.

The woman is identified as 53-year-old Deloris Bethea of 1011 Morreene Road. She was taken to Duke University Hospital where she died.

Investigators are questioning a female and say there is a possibility that the stabbing may have been in self-defense.

The two women knew each other and according to witnesses, they had been fighting in the parking lot before Bethea was stabbed.

"When I saw them arguing and everything, I was like, 'Ya'll need to chill because y'all know each other,'" eyewitness William Cheatham said.

Cheatham was in his car around 6 a.m. when he said his friend, Bethea, started arguing with another woman over unresolved issues.

"[It] kind of got out of hand," he explained. "One, she pushed her, she pulled out a pair of scissors and they got at it, scuffling, and she took it from her and stabbed her but she didn't mean it."

Laura Emekoba, a friend of Bethea's, said the two had bad blood between them.

"One of the girls was kicked out of their apartment, evicted, and she thought that Ms. Dolores was the reason why she got kicked out," Emekoba said.

Bethea was well known and liked in the neighborhood. Friends said she was recently dealt a blow.

"Deloris has cancer, and she was getting ready to go into surgery Monday because it was in her lungs and she was devastated over that," Emekoba said.

Bethea was married and lived down the road from the apartment complex.

According to friends, she was a former teacher and certified nurse's assistant.

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