Neighborhood wants traffic light

CARY They want town leaders to help install a stoplight near the notoriously dangerous intersection of Green Level Road to Durham and Cary Glen Blvd.

A resident who was injured in a crash near the intersection this week spoke out during the meeting.

"I was the girl that got into the accident by Mills Park," Ashley Payne told the crowd.

The 16-year-old has a black eye to prove it. She told the Cary Town Council she was dropping off her two brothers at school when her car was pushed into another car.

"When I saw the t-boned truck, and this truck didn't apply his brakes when he hit her -- the worst thing came to mind," said Peggy Payne, Ashley's mother. "I've lost three children in the car -- thank goodness I didn't."

The Paynes' story is an example of four wrecks that happened this week near the Green Level to Durham Road and Cary Glen Blvd. intersection.

The intersection is now marked by a memorial for 16-year-old Kailee Birdsong, who died ina crash Monday.

Residents say on-coming cars disappear for nearly one to five seconds before reappearing.

"The time I was to cross it, there was already a car coming towards me at 50 miles per hour on the street," Ashley Payne said.

Town engineers' hands are tied because the road belongs to the state. Cary has hired consultants to help the DOT measure traffic and decide on options ranging from a stoplight, which they say could make the problem worse, to a median, which would create a barrier between residents and businesses.

"If you block that intersection, you will not only kill that retail establishment you've put in there, but you will kill the community from being able to go through it," concerned resident Dawn Cross said.

Almost everyone who marched near the intersection Thursday wants a stoplight, including Carol Fluher whose neck was injured during an accident at the intersection several weeks ago.

I feel for the family that lost their daughter," Fluher said. "Cars drive here very fast and it's [a stoplight] needed."

Family and friends will gather for Kailee Birdsong's funeral Friday. The service will be held at Hopewill Independent Baptist Church in Hamlet.

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