Mary Easley to appeal firing

June 29, 2009 8:42:07 PM PDT
Mary Easley has announced she plans to appeal her firing from NC State.However, the interim chancellor at North Carolina State University said it was necessary to fire the former first lady because of the budget.

In a statement Monday, James Woodward said since the programs that she led were eliminated because of the budget, and on advice from the Board of Trustees, he terminated her contract.

The university announced they were firing Easley three weeks ago. Click here to read more about Mary Easley's termination

But on Friday, her attorney sent a letter to NC State that said the university's written grievance policy did not completely address Mrs. Easley's situation. So she wants to appeal her firing and discuss severance pay.

Woodward responded by stating Easley may pursue whatever grievance process or legal action she believes is appropriate.