NC State to hear Mary Easley's grievance

RALEIGH The university fired her on June 8, and her lawyer sent a letter to the school last week saying she wanted to appeal.

NC State responded Thursday claiming to have a right to fire the former first lady.

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NC State said the budget crisis is forcing it to eliminate and reduce programs she was hired to be a part of. However, the university said it will hear Easley's grievance and is taking steps to ensure she gets a fair hearing.

Chancellor Jim Woodward won't be part of the grievance process since he had the final decision to fire her.

According to NC State, Woodward will be replaced by a committee or board of trustees that consists of people who were not involved in firing Easley.

The university also reminded Easley's lawyer that she has 60 days to appeal. That gives her until Friday, August 7.

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