4th on a budget

RALEIGH From fireworks to backyard festivities, there are fewer big spenders this July 4th, but that doesn't mean the celebrations are a bust.

Many are figuring out how to cut back on spending, but not on the fun.

"You cook out. You have fun and it's not that expensive to do it," offered Triangle resident Susan Turner. "And most of the stuff you've already got at home so you don't have to buy anything."

With record breaking unemployment in North Carolina, many have the same attitude.

"My work situation is such that I don't have any idea when we're going to get to take a vacation this year, so having a long weekend like this is great," said Marilyn Hays.

Instead of steak, some opt for hamburger and instead of name brands, store brands.

"I own my own business and the economy has taken a big dive in my opinion," said Katherine Carpenter.

Carpenter and her family would rather play in the sand on the coast, instead they're diving into the local beach at Falls Lake.

"Truthfully, just the cost of driving back and forth to the beach [is too much] and we're having family time too," she said.

The holiday budget may be lean, but there sure is a beautiful view.

"I've always been one to think about family and things that are important more so than material things anyway, but especially now with the economy," she said. "This is nicer to me - the simple things."

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