Coaster twisty as a pretzel - really

CARY Pehr and six other semi-finalists have to build a roller coaster out of pretzels and hot glue in a timed competition. The winner gets two years worth of park passes and a year's supply of pretzels courtesy of contest sponsor Hanover.

To get to the event on July 16, Pehr built a pretzel coaster and sent a picture that was picked from dozens of entries.

In the main event, contestants have a time limit. They're also restricted to just pretzels, a glue gun and their creativity. They have to build a replica of one of Busch Gardens Virginia most famous coasters, Apollo's Chariot, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this season.

"Everyone at Snyder's and Busch Gardens was extremely impressed with the quality of the entries we received," said Bob Gould, Marketing Manager at Snyder's of Hanover. "The amount of effort and dedication that went into all of the pretzel coasters was amazing. We're really looking forward to seeing the semi-finalists compete head-to-head on July 16."

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