Fire rips through tow business

DURHAM The business is located off of Camden Avenue on I-85.

John's handles towing in the Triangle for very large vehicles like tractor-trailers - work that can sometimes be too difficult for most towing companies.

In addition to the tow business, the facility is used to store large pieces of evidence for the City of Durham.

According to police, seven cars and one truck on the property were destroyed by fire, and there is evidence someone may have set the fires intentionally. Several other cars were broken into and things from inside stolen.

Former owner of the business John Johnson - his son and daughter-in-law own it now - told Eyewitness News that he'll offer a reward of at least a thousand dollars for a conviction in the case.

"Eventually down the road, it may take a day, it might take a month or might take a year, but we’ll find out who did this and we’ll see to it they pay the price," he said.

Johnson said he's relieved no one was hurt, and he wants to see arrests.

"When arsonists start setting fires, they’re not gonna stop with one they’re gonna keep on doing it," he offered.

He said he didn't think it was a personal attack on his business.

"It’s not a vendetta against us, cause our trucks are right there, if it was a vendetta against us they would’ve burned one of those with our names on it," he explained.

If you have information that can help solve the crime, Click here to contact Crimestoppers

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