Person of the Week: Hannah Prichard

CARY Her husband is charged with the crime.

It's a sad anniversary, but the community will mark it in an uplifting way that would make Nancy Cooper proud.

One of the event's organizers is this week's Person of the Week.

Those who knew and loved Cooper can't believe a year has passed since the young mother was taken from them. They're determined to keep her memory alive with an event the avid runner would have loved.

For the past few months, Hannah Prichard and a few of Cooper's closest friends have been planning events to raise money for the charity they created in her honor.

"We all started talking about it pretty soon after she died that it was so important to us that Nancy's death not to have been in vain, and we decided if we could save one person from something similar happening to them, then it wouldn't be," Prichard said.

The charity is called Nancy's Butterfly Fund, and it benefits domestic violence victims. One of Cooper's daughters drew the logo.

"Nancy and Bella loved butterflies," Prichard said. "Also, last summer right after she died, it seemed there was always a giant yellow butterfly lingering around us and some may say that's not odd for N.C. in the summer, but it seemed to always be the same giant yellow butterfly so it was special to us."

The Butterfly Fund already has nearly $50,000 in a few month's time thanks to Prichard and the tireless efforts of other volunteers.

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Prichard said it's a great comfort when she misses Nancy.

"It's hard, but this -- starting the Butterfly Fund with her other close friends has really helped me tremendously having a positive place to put all my grief and love for her," Prichard said. "It's been great."

The tremendous community support is more rewarding. Dozens of local businesses are sponsoring the fun run.

Prichard is not surprised. She said everyone who met Cooper loved her, and she thinks her friend would be very proud of their efforts to help others.

Prichard is also very humbled that all of the support to honor Cooper.

"I think she probably wouldn't be able to believe that all of these people are doing all of this for her," Prichard said. "She was modest, but she deserves every bit of it."

The family fun run is Saturday morning at the Koka Booth Amphitheater in Cary. There's still time to register.

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Nancy's Butterfly Fund is partnered with Interact of Wake County and the proceeds will give women and their families financial help to leave abusive relationships.

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