Your Money: Breaking your beauty budget

RALEIGH It’s a theory once proposed by the chairman of the Estée Lauder Companies, Leonard Lauder. After the September 11 attacks deflated the economy, he noticed that lipstick sales went up. He hypothesized that lipstick sales are a way to gauge the economy - that women are willing to boost their mood buying cosmetics than busting their budget on big purchases.

Well, we have expert tips on how to look hot without burning a hole in your pocket. Five ways to slash your beauty budget almost in half.

TIP #1.


"Just because you’re out in the summer sun doesn’t mean you need to buy a tinted moisturizer. You can make your own at home by mixing your regular liquid foundation with an oil free moisturizer. Voila!" offered professional stylist, Kim Jordan, owner of Salon Kroma in Raleigh (

TIP #2


Look for products that can do more than one job. For instance, Jordan showed us a pencil that is three tools in one. It can be used as a lipstick, a blush and an eye shadow. Then, she showed us a foundation and powder in one. It's a liquid foundation that dries into a powder finish.

Another neat trick Jordan showed us is turning your eye shadow into eyeliner too. Dip a brush in water, then the eye shadow, and it creates a soft line that compliments the same color eye shadow. Jordan likes that look better than a contrasting liquid eyeliner. She says it’s less harsh.

TIP #3


We all know make-up brushes can be pricey, but have you ever considered buying brushes in the art of craft store? We picked up seven great brushes, all natural hair bristles, for about $12.

Jordan says that’s a great alternative, but she warns not to buy plastic brushes with synthetic bristles. The good bristles, she says, are made of animal hair, like that of squirrel, goat and boar.

Jordan says brushes are also economical because they use less product than sponges and are more sanitary than your fingers.

TIP #4


Spending a little more may save money in the long run. For example, Jordan says look for eye shadows like the kind she uses (Bed Head) that are pressed and baked five times.

"With that, what you get is more pigment upon initial application. That means you get more color, so you use less, and if you drop it on the bathroom floor, which we all do, one that’s pressed and baked multiple times won’t break into a zillion pieces," she explained.

TIP #5


Jordan says you can definitely go cheap on items like lip gloss and mascara. We picked up both at a local dollar store for $1 each. The lip gloss was a well known brand.

"There’s truth to getting what you pay for," Jordan said. "Does that mean it has to be extravagant? Absolutely not, but making a little investment now will either buy you longevity in your product by using less or saving cause it’s not in four million pieces."

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