Swine flu kills two in NC

"The panic mode is over," Accent Urgent Care Dr Theresa Kubicki said.

Kubicki said it's a different scene from months ago at the height of a swine flu scare. Now she said people aren't as worried.

"Not thinking about it so much," yeah, Kubicki said. "I do think so."

However just this week, two deadly cases were reported - an asthma patient in Carteret County and a pregnant woman Wilson County.

The state also recorded 84 new cases, bringing the total lab confirmed positive cases to nearly 400.

In the Triangle; Durham County has eight cases, while Orange County has 21 and Wake County was the highest with 63.

"It says that H1N1 is still here and this is the seasonal flu and the seasonal flu is not seasonal any more, it's going to be year round," said Lou Turner with NC Public Health.

Turner an epidemiologist with the state's public health department and Dr. Kubicki said it also means everyone should be vigilant. Especially high risk patients with flu-like symptoms like children, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems.

"Don't cough on people, wash your hands frequently, protect yourself, and avoid folks that are sick," Turner said.

"If you have symptoms of flu it is important to be seen in the first couple of days," Kubicki said.

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