Motive unknown in father's murder

DURHAM Cheo Burroughs, 35, was arrested and charged with the murder of 64-year-old William Burroughs Saturday.

Family members were in court Monday and although they did not want to talk on camera about the murder, they called it a double tragedy.

The D.A. did not say if Cheo Burroughs will face the death penalty. He will remain in jail without bond and his probable cause hearing is scheduled for August 3.

The murder took place on July 12, but police didn't arrest Cheo Burroughs until almost a week later.

According to police, William Burroughs' wife discovered his body after returning home from church.

She initially told the 911 operator she thought her husband had suffered a heart attack, but police later said he was stabbed to death. /p>

The couple lived near the Treyburn Country Club, which is an area known for its upscale homes and secluded neighborhood.

Police have not released a motive or cause of death.

William Burroughs retired as a teacher and counselor at Riverside High School in 2003. He was known as a long-time supporter St. Augustine College and its alumni association. He graduated from the school in 1969.

He was also known in Durham political circles and served as a campaign manager for council woman Cora Cole McFadden.

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