Wake, Durham, Cumberland test scores climb

RALEIGH It's also the first time the state has told school districts they can include successful retests in their overall results.

In Wake County, preliminary results showed there was a modest increase in grades 3-8 when you don't include retests. With the retests, the passing rate rose 8.5 percentage points in reading and 6.5 percentage points in math.

The results were mostly good on the end-of-course exams taken by high school students.

Wake said the district experienced gains of between 1 percentage point and 6 percentage points on most end-of-course exams. The exception was in Algebra I, which saw a drop of 2 percentage points.

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In Durham County, there were overall gains at 46 of its 49 tested schools with the retests included.

Twenty-eight out of 29 elementary schools increased their math and reading scores. All nine middle schools showed gains, and seven out of 10 high schools reported increases.

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In Cumberland County, teachers and school administrators are thrilled about their test results.

Scores were up from 27 percent last year to 72 percent this year.

According to the latest numbers, the county had some of North Carolina's best overall end of grade test scores.

Loretta Armstrong teaches at Pauline Jones Elementary, where two years ago their grade scores were dismal. She said this year they hit 100 percent of their targeted goals, but it took a lot of work.

"We had extra time on task, in the mornings before school started, and we worked in the afternoons after they day ended working without students," Armstrong said.

Leaders said a big reason for the overall high scores was that elementary and middle school students' retests counted.

"This year we allowed a re-mediation period before we did the retest and I think remediation helped in the retest scores as they showed an increase," said Ron Phipps with Cumberland County Schools.

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Johnson County also released its annual yearly progress summary Tuesday Click here to read

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