Woman confessed to Apex killing

APEX Jolene Hardy, 55, went to a neighbor's house and called 911 to report the death of 60-year-old Gerald Hardy at their home on Perney Court last week. That's off of Kildaire Farm Road just south of Ten Ten Road.

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Hardy told the 911 operator that she'd tried to perform CPR, but that her husband's body was already cold.

She also said she'd been out all day looking for the man who she said had a history of mental problems and had been going to "gang" areas.

"He was picked up by the Apex Police about a year ago, because it was like 4 a.m. in the morning," She told the operator. "He was out there going to the (inaudible) areas, because he doesn't want to die of his lymphoma."

Hardy told the operator all of her husband's teeth had been knocked out.

But warrants in the case tell a different story. They say Hardy admitted to detectives during questioning that she hit her husband with a hammer during an argument. She then cleaned up the blood and made up the story about how he died before calling 911.

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