Groups rally against Obama health care

RALEIGH President Obama is pushing for a dramatic revamp of America's health care coverage.

Protestors waved signs and booed while supporters tried to drown them out with cheers.

Opponents of the health care plan let their signs send a message with phrases like, "No Obama Care" and "Senior the Nest Endangered Species."

"They can't even get Medicare and Medicaid right, that's already going bankrupt," protestor Robert Lounsberry told Eyewitness News. "But they think they can get this right?"

Positioned directly in front of the school's sign, one group consisted of GOP members, citizens opposing big government and members of the Freedom Works organization.

"I am Italian and I can tell you horrible stories about what happens when you have socialized medicine," protestor Nicola Longo said.

The protestors told Eyewitness News they believe Obama's health care reform bill will kill the country, taxes will increase and people won't get the care they need.

A second group, led by Americans for Prosperity, also gathered in Raleigh Wednesday for a rally opposing the Democratic-led push to overhaul the country's health care system.

The conservative political advocacy group met at a hotel ballroom a few miles from Broughton.

"It's a government first mentality that sacrifices not just our freedoms but our lives it has no place in the United States of America!" exclaimed Dallas Woodhouse of Americans for Prosperity to a room of Obama health care opponents. "Hands off our healthcare! Hands off our Healthcare!"

Americans for Prosperity says it supports free market health care delivery in contrast to what they worry would be too much government involvement in the industry.

The group plans to hold rallies in six North Carolina cities with the same message.

Meanwhile, outside Broughton, the sides clashed.

One Obama health care supporter asked in relation to the country's health care issues, "What's your solution to that?"

"What's my solution?" responded an opponent. "It shouldn't be part of the government's solution to handle that. It should be our problem with insurance, not the government taking over."

Police kept the peace between sides and supporters had their say.

"We have a lot of children we deal with everyday who do not have health care," proponent and teacher Sonya Mitchiner said.

Another supporter told Eyewitness News her son is bi-polar.

"I think people with pre-existing conditions -- they deserve to have another option so that they don't have to sell their home or their livelihood just so they can get coverage," Ellis said.

Supporters of health care reform say without reform, the country will go bankrupt. Opponents say the plan will make the county bankrupt.

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