Cary intersection may get redirection

CARY The proposed single quadrant intersection would be the first of its kind in the country.

Town of Cary engineers have researched traffic patterns and said they are confident it would ease congestion.

"Doing this allows us to spread the traffic around and increase the capacity of the area giving us better performance," said David Spencer with the Town of Cary.

The new plan would eliminate left hand turns. It would direct cars into a quadrant --a widened three-lane road-- where they would cycle back through the intersection headed in their desired direction.

"People from out of town are going to be totally lost and then once they start making these turns they are going to be very lost," Cary resident Annette Paden said.

"I think people would get caught doing that loop with all the traffic in the shopping development trying to merge go in and out, cross paths, and if you're doing that a peak time it's going to fill up and you're going to be bogged down in that loop," Cary resident David Leahey said.

In order to help ease concerns, Town of Cary engineers held a meeting at the Cary Senior Center Tuesday night to answer questions and explain traffic patterns to citizens.

Officials said the project was only in its infancy and it could be years before it's up and running.

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