'Hands Off Health' wraps up

RALEIGH Hundreds turned out to voice their opposition to the president's health plan.

Raleigh was the last stop for the bus tour. It was put on by Americans For Prosperity -the group pushing for free market ideas instead of government reform.

Some groups across the country have come under fire for becoming increasingly hostile, but those in Raleigh said they have personal experience with healthcare.

"I've had a hip replacement and I've got to get another one," Raleigh resident Geri Rentz said. "I have fabulous medical insurance, so I'm not concerned about myself so much. I think our healthcare needs help but it is not the government running it."

Many who came to the event said they wouldn't stop speaking out until the current healthcare reform bill was nixed.

"Clearly there's some kind of reform needed, but the word is reform and what's being proposed is not reform," Raleigh resident Gregory Soloviefa said. "I'm planning on being in Washington Sept. 12.

Those who oppose hope to convince others to join the cause. They said we can't afford to have the overhaul.

But those who like the president's plan said it will make healthcare better and available to those who can't afford it.

Earlier this week lawmakers in Raleigh were confronted with shouting mobs over health care reform.

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