Price attends health care forum at NCCU

DURHAM He took part in a health care town hall meeting on the campus of North Carolina Central University.

The meeting was one of many forums being sponsored around the state by the State Employees Association of North Carolina, a group that supports health care reform.

Like many similar meetings around the country, it was occasionally interrupted by health care reform opponents who tried to shout down what others had to say.

Price told the crowd he supports many of the President’s proposals – including some kind of public option that would compete with private insurance companies.

“That would be good for people who can’t for one reason or another get health insurance,” he said.

Opponents took issue with his view. One woman questioned why the plan would tax her if she didn’t want any kind of health insurance – public or private.

“Where do you get the right to set up a public health care system under our constitution?” she asked, adding that “socialism is one step before communism.”

Price answered that if she got sick, then other tax payers would have to foot the bill for her treatment, and that’s not fair.

Price's town hall meeting comes on the heels of several others that have taken place this week in North Carolina.

Wednesday night, US Representative Bob Etheridge answered questions in Lillington. It also was sponsored by the State Employees Association of North Carolina.

Congressman Etheridge told the crowd health care reform was still a work in progress. He also held a town meeting via telephone from his Raleigh office Tuesday.

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Also on Tuesday, Congressman G.K. Butterfield took a verbal lashing at a town hall meeting he sponsored in Rocky Mount. It was as standing room only for that meeting and residents got heated at times.

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