Protesters try to send message to Hagan

RALEIGH That's because she wasn't in her Raleigh office for personal reasons.

The family engagement wasn't good enough for the group that wanted her to know they oppose the President's health care reform plan.

"She's not here. I didn't know that. Now I'm mad," said protestor Ron Rimkus.

Rimkus was at the protest and at a town hall meeting in Durham Thursday. He is taking every opportunity to stand his ground against the health care reform plan - what he calls a step towards socialism.

"There is a very small step between creating socialist health care and telling doctors where they can practice and where they can't practice. Telling people what healthcare they can receive and they can't," he said.

Kimberly Broadwell agrees. She said her 54-year-old mother who's been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer would never get the care she has under a public health care system.

"She has got state of the art surgeries, state of the art drugs, treatment that I know she wouldn't get under a public option because it's too expensive," said Broadwell.

"Senator Hagan was unable to meet with today's visitors because of a previous family commitment, but she thanks them for taking the time to visit her office to express their views."

"Senator Hagan appreciates hearing from constituents on the issues that are important to North Carolinians," the statement continued.

Meanwhile, Hagan's office staff said it was making themselves available to hear concerned citizens complaints.

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