Cary High football player collapses

CARY The game was Cary High against Wakefield at Wakefield High school in Raleigh. School officials say paramedics had to use a defibrillator on the White when they arrived on scene.

"I saw a player on the ground and I saw them doing CPR, so my coaches ran over there to the Cary side to see if everything was okay because it was our scrimmage and so we ran over there and he was bleeding a little, a lot of blood coming out so they had to rush and get the ambulance," said Lawrence Keys, a Wakefield football player. "The ambulance came five minutes later and they rushed to give him CPR, because they said the guy was dying."

Paramedics rushed White to the hospital after reviving him. He is currently in good condition at Wake Med.

It's not clear what happened Friday night, but school officials say the teen didn't play much during the game.

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