Beach goers warned about 'Bill'

Emergency Services officials urged all visitors to stay out of the water due to large waves and dangerous rip currents. Potential flooding and erosion were also a concern.

Hurricane Bill may have moved on Saturday evening, but he was still pushing massive waves to Kill Devil Hills' shore creating dangerous choppy waters.

"There were lifeguards running up and down here screaming at people that were passed their knees, making them get out of the water," tourist Karen Batten said.

She said her family wouldn't set foot in the water.

"Scary," Batten said. "We were in there yesterday about up to our knees and it wasn't near as bad as it is today. Today, we didn't even venture out."

The surf was so high, ocean rescue posted several signs everywhere.

The National Weather Service also advised everyone to stay out of the water. Officials said the waves could peak at nine to 12 feet.

Some tourists said they were expecting to see higher waves.

"They're not as high as I expected with them saying they were 17 feet, what I heard last night," Batten said. "But you could tell there's more action."

Officials in Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle also put red flags up. They too were urging people to stay out of the water.

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