Police looking for blue light pervert

DURHAM The victim told police a man posing as an officer pulled her over along I-85 Friday morning.

"All of a sudden, I see these blue lights in the back, and I'm like what have I done," victim Monica Benson said.

She says it was a white Crown Victoria -unmarked- but with blue lights in the windshield that pulled her over in her gray SUV.

She says a man she presumed to be a plain-clothed detective asked for her license, which she admitted had an outdated address. He went back to his car and then returned to her vehicle.

"And that's when he told me to get out of the car," Benson said. "And that's when I had a problem with that, because my 3-year-old little girl was in the car and I didn't know what to think, because I was already starting to think it was a little fishy anyway."

Benson says it then went from bizarre to much worse, causing her to file a police report.

"The things he did to me and stuff, I feel like I've been raped without being raped," Benson said. "The things he … I feel like I've been mentally and physically abused."

She says the man told her to put her hands on the hood, "and that's when he immediately started patting me down and rubbing me in any place you can imagine."

Eventually, Benson got back in her car.

The man then told her he would follow her to the DMV so she could get a new license, but Benson told him she did not have any money. So she says he told her to go to the bank and he would follow her.

"Then I was thinking, he's going to follow me to a bank, now he's going to take my money or something," Benson said.

However, the man didn't. Benson says he left the bank, then turned on his blue lights again and sped off.

Authorities say they are having their internal affairs department look into the situation to make sure it wasn't a real officer.

Benson says she wants others to be on the lookout.

She says police told her when she filed the complaint that if she is ever suspicious as to whether a car is in fact a real police car, put her hazard lights on and carefully drive to a well-lit, public area with other people. And never hesitate to call 911.

They say if it's a real officer, he or she will understand.

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