Oil spill impacting local menus

It seems oysters and shrimp are the two main types of seafood affected by the situation.

Patrick Securcher, general manager at Michael Dean's on Falls of Neuse Road in Raleigh, says the impact of the massive oil spill will vary and depend largely on how much fish each restaurant is taking in from the Gulf.

"For us, it's a wait and see game," Securcher said. "We're not jacking any prices up. No need to."

Louisiana oysters are still on the menu there, at the same price as always.

"Right now for oysters, we haven't seen a huge, price increase for us," Securcher said.

That's because Securcher says they buy a lot of their seafood locally. Still, they did decide to take swordfish off of their spring menu, because of the situation in the Gulf.

"We have other great things Mahi-Mahi, a lot of other local fish, snapper, things like that that we put on the menu so we won't have to drive an increase in price," Securcher said.

The owner of Kemps Seafood House in Durham tells ABC11 they have stopped selling oysters for now. They are working feverishly to get them from other parts of the country, so they can put them back on the menu.

Kemp Pendergrass says even though he's also paying more for oysters, he is not passing that increase along to customers and is trying to keep it that way. A goal shared by Securcher.

"The biggest thing for us here is you know how to stay in front of it, and how to source out to other places," Securcher said.

No one really knows the long-term economic impact of the oil spill in the Gulf. Everyone is waiting to see what happens in the next few weeks.

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