Daughter speaks out about father's protest

GARNER Breanna Fulton says she is still upset about the event that left her father banned from an awards ceremony at East Garner Middle School.

The 14-year-old honor student says she and five other students were stragglers after a school dance, but she says the principal singled out her and a Hispanic student.

"I felt really angry and upset and didn't understand why she was yelling at me, because it wasn't my fault," Fulton said. "She yelled at us two and she was saying, um, 'you guys should be home right now, I need to be somewhere.'"

Wake school officials say they see it differently.

"We talked to students, we talked to staff, we talked to other assistant principals on the scene and none of those accusations were born out," said Michael Evans, a Wake County spokesperson said.

According to Fulton's father, when he arrived to pick his daughter up from the 8th grade dance he learned she took heat from the principal for his tardiness.

"My dad was wondering why I was upset and crying and mad," Fulton said.

Her father says he was calm when he arrived, however, school officials say he was anything but.

"He became agitated with the principal, making accusations and they got involved ... he became very belligerent towards her," Evans said.

Following the confrontation, school officials decided Fulton's father would not be allowed on the school's campus for the remainder of the year.

On Wednesday, Darryl Fulton protested his ban from school property with a racially charged sign, but his daughter says she does not doesn't hate white people.

"There's no problem with them," she said. "I just from what happened with her yelling at me and this Dominican guy about this whole situation with us being late, I just really don't trust her."

In the meantime, Breanna Fulton says she wants an apology, but Wake County officials say the case is closed.

"We have e-mails from him and the principal and they've had a very good working relationship in the past, so it's not something we think that's an issue that needs to be addressed," Evans said.

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