Durham burglaries unsettlingly high


"I just read on the neighborhood listserve about a couple of break-ins over the weekend," Durham resident Jacqueline Matthews said.

Matthews is on alert after one of her Forest Hills neighbors was the victim of a burglary.

"I don't like the idea of people's houses being broken into," she said.

Anything from electronics to personal belongings - one homeowner was hit up for more than $6,000 worth of goods according to a police report.

In another case, a homeowner came face-to-face with a thief, walking in on a burglary in process.

Durham Police say it does not appear to be a summertime crime spree. There were fewer reported home break-ins in June and July compared to this time last year.

But residents are still concerned over a slight spike in burglary cases since the beginning of the year.

Nearly 1,800 so far and more than 100 homes in which thieves have forced their way inside.

That's the reason why some residents remain vigilant in keeping windows and doors locked, never taking their safety for granted.

"My house has an alarm system and it's always on," Matthews said.

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