New bus lines replace Bx14 in the Bronx


Now, despite more cuts and fare increases and hard times, the howls are being answered.

The MTA admits it was wrong.

The bus is coming back, sort of.

"It's just not right!" said Harriet Miller, a Bronx resident.

78-year-old Harriet Miller says that she's had to cancel all of her physical therapy appointments since the Bronx 14 bus was canceled.

"My pension doesn't call for taking cabs," Miller said.

The new Bx4 and 24 are expected to fill the gaps where the Bx14 ran, from Hugh Grant Circle to Metropolitan, East Tremont and Westchester Avenues, and then through the Country Club section.

Many people in the area have been forced to stay at home or change their lives because the cancelation and they are amazed the MTA seems to be fixing a problem they say the MTA caused.

Vivian Beamon is 90-years-old and after seeing the 14 vanish she's skeptical.

"Got to see it to believe it," Beamon said.

But Assemblyman Peter Rivera is encouraged.

"Generally it is not the case, you see bureaucracy reverse itself. But they did! Yes they did," Rivera said.

The MTA admits cutting is always messy.

"Many neighborhoods take this personally. We had to make some tough decisions," said Peter Cafiero, of MTA Operations Planning.

The Bronx 4 and 24 buses will replace the 14 in early January. ---
Release from the MTA:

Eastern Bronx Revisions

As part of NYCT's 2010 Service Reduction Plan implemented on June 27, 2010, the Bx14 route was discontinued and the Bx8 was rerouted away from Layton and Crosby Avenues to operate via Stadium Avenue to serve Country Club and Spencer Estates.

As with all changes, Transit's Operations Planning unit closely monitors the ridership and the new routes. After such monitoring of these restructured routes, Transit concluded that the changes left some communities with limited access to commercial areas, certain schools and medical centers.

As a result, MTA NYC Transit announces the Bx8 route will be restored to its original pre-June 2010 routing via Layton Avenue and Crosby Avenue to the Buhre Avenue (6) station. Crosby Avenue is an active commercial corridor and will benefit from the services of both the Bx5 and Bx8.

The Bx24 will now serve Country Club and Spencer Estates on the route of the discontinued Bx14 between Country Club and the Pelham Bay (6) station. The Bx24 will operate as a loop every 30 minutes between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.

In Parkchester, alternate trips of the Bx4 (called the Bx4A) will serve Metropolitan Avenue between Hugh Grant Circle and Westchester Square. The Bx4 and Bx4A would operate on the same route between Hugh Grant Circle and the Hub. The Bx4A would allow a one seat ride to destinations along Westchester Avenue to the Hub. It would operate the same span as the former Bx14: peak hours on weekdays - every 14-20 minutes, off-peak - every 24 minutes, Saturdays - every 16-22 minutes and Sundays - every 22-30 minutes.

These reroutings should more closely meet the needs of the residents at no additional cost to the Authority. Changes will be implemented beginning January 2011.

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