Troubleshooter: New home problems

HARNETT COUNTY "There's no caulking that's been finished off," homeowner Tim Hart said. "This is a water shut off valve and they literally just ripped a hole in the wall."

There are also issues with the Hart's kitchen floor and master bedroom.

"They just put a hole in the wall, took a piece of wood, and stick it up here and screwed it on here," Hart said.

They also haven't been able to use their master bath since they moved in. Despite having water, the jetted tub doesn't work and the master shower is not functional either.

"The shower door was on the floor in pieces, I mean literally in pieces," Hart said.

When Hart closed on the home in July, he says he was assured all of the issues would be taken care of.

"I'm not satisfied with the craftsmanship, there's a lot of things unfinished and I just want my house finished," he said.

At closing, Hart also didn't get the warranties along with the energy star certificate that were promised.

"It's more of a nightmare than a dream home," Hart said.

The Hart's got in touch with ABC11 Eyewitness News I-Team Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, who got in touch with the contractors, New Horizon Builders and Developers.

One of the owner's Chris Pugh, says he had every intent to complete the items on the Hart's punch list after closing, but claims Tim Hart made threats, which made them uncomfortable going back to what he claims is a potentially dangerous situation. Hart disputes that.

Despite the conflict, Pugh agreed to go back and fix the issues on the Hart's original punch list. It took some time, but there were some fixes.

In the bedroom, the access door got a paint job along with a boarder around it and the jetted tub now works. The shower also finally has a door, but Hart points out the shower door glass was not cut precise.

"This glass is still sharp," he said. "It's about a half an inch here and then 3/4 inches and then 2 inches down here."

Hart also says water leaks out from a gap at the bottom.

"I think we have been more than compromising, it's been three months since we contacted you and as you can see the work, three months for this," he said. "We're left with financially going back and redoing the things they were paid to do initially."

Meanwhile, Chris Pugh, one of the owners of New Horizon Builders and Developers said in a statement that, "We are disappointed that the relationship became so strained that completing a few punch list items was problematic. Our hope is that the Harts can one day appreciate the generosity shown to them that allows them to afford such a lovely home."

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